Wedding Coordination

“I couldn’t imagine getting married without Timothy!”
-Alex Photographer #StrongerTogetherED

“Timothy was a breath of fresh air on the day of my wedding, keeping me calm and smiling along with all of those around us.”
Bride Rebecca #MaciasBeeWed

“Timmy was amazing, kept me on time and aware of the things I needed or would need.”
Groom MarcAntoni #MaciasBeeWed

“From the moment Timothy and I met, he was a joy to work with. He made himself very available for all of our questions and concerns, and he went out of his way to help time and again. We couldn’t imagine having planned our wedding without him!”
Bride Rachel #RachelAndDrewIDo

“Timothy was perfect. He took care of every need I had even keeping my dance shoes handy when I needed to get out of my high heels!”
Mother-of-the-Bride Sigrid #LeudtkeFever


With the rise of Pinterest, future brides and grooms-to-be are diving into do-it-yourself weddings. After about a month of this planning style, the heavy realization sinks in that… oops… We have to put this all together and launch a large scale event (even if it’s only 75 people) AND get married! Whew! Overwhelming just thinking about it! Enter the wedding coordinators and planners. TAH DAH! We do all of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We work with YOUR vision and connect all of the dots. With nine years of event planning experience, and six years in the bridal industry, I think of everything outside of the box. Did your key fob for your car break an hour before the reception? Don’t worry! I’ll help problem solve. I have contingency plans to spare.

Wedding coordination, planning, and consultation
-Typically the process begins a year or more prior to the wedding, but today, everyone is on their own schedule and I have worked with couples as close as five to seven months prior to the wedding. I start with vendor and venue recommendation and organization based on your needs.
-I will act as the primary contact of venue and guests. When your uncle’s cousin’s boyfriend gets lost on the way to the wedding, they call me.
-Additional contact for and receiver of all rentals/vendors. No need to sign any paperwork or worry about check dispersal while you’re getting your hair done.
-Director of event schedule and execution. You don’t have to worry about putting together a schedule for the wedding weekend. I arrange everything
-Liaison between party, vendors, venue(s) etc. as needed. You don’t need to worry about asking the venue electrical questions on behalf of the DJ.
-Communication of general “to-do list” with engaged couple.

Bonus Features!
-Wedding celebration related consultation
–Bachelorette party, bachelor party, bridal shower, etc.
-Gift suggestions
-Guest and family correspondence
-Rehearsal (dinner) consultation and advising