T. L. Brooke Collection


T.L. Brooke is the ready-to-wear clothing collection that has emerged from Timothy Westbrook Studio. All garments are created out of 100% repurposed materials with vintage notions (thread, zippers, buttons, etc.)

UMBRELLA Raincoats $700 each
Purchase Info: http://tlbrooke.tictail.com/product/umbrella-raincoat
Each raincoat represents five pounds of materials that will not go to landfills. Once the material is removed from the skeletal structure, all metal, plastic, and wooden elements of the umbrella are 100% recyclable. The raincoats are “re-made” in New York City’s garment district. The production company proudly pays their employees livable wages.

CASSETTE TAPE Scarves $300 each
Purchase Info: http://tlbrooke.tictail.com/product/cassette-tape-scarf
Woven with the magnetic ribbon from your favorite movie soundtracks, original broadway casts, pop music, and audio books. All are created using a non-electric floor loom. Custom colors and sounds are available upon request.

ALUMINUM CAN Shoes $500 a pair
Purchase Info: Email TImothyADK@gmail.com