Timothy Westbrook


I do not pretend to have all of the answers but I will admit to trying to find them.
Artist Statement
Principals of Practice: The goal of zero-impact is rather contradictive simply because to live is to have an impact. So change it to LOW-impact and you have a humorous approach to artwork with “Low-Impact Art.” So the new goal is zero-WASTE. Which is often confused as “take this rectangular fabric and make a muumuu wrap dress.” I simply mean do not throw anything away that is not biodegradable. To prevent becoming a hoarder of garbage, simply avoid purchasing virgin materials that do not biodegrade. When it comes to electrical appliances, I am much too new in energy-supported society to find alternative methods for everything. For now I enjoy my treadle sewing machine and floor loom both non-electric. There are also a few different low/zero energy options for laundry that I need to look into as well.

Conceptually: In the movie “Big Fish” we are presented with the tall-tales of a loving father who wanted to share a more exciting version of his life to a son that he was often away from. Thinking positively about the magical adventures of his father, the boy was not thinking about his father’s absence. In one of the stories we see a circus ringmaster, the employer of the father when he was younger, transform into a werewolf. It was my interpretation of this story that the ringmaster in truth was an alcoholic and that the transformation was a metaphor for the abusive drunk he would become. This is my approach to artwork. I represent my world through childlike eyes for something more illogical and fantastical. Conversely I have examined the origin of some common fairytales to find that their origins are completely logical and realistic but this makes their stories even more magical because of their plausibility. The story of Snow White is based on a real person (I’m still conducting research to see if it is a fabricated story) Margarete von Waldeck. These two overlapping ideas are an attempt to explore how my perception worked as a child and how those views function in my life today.


I am looking for freelance work.


fashion design, fashion illustration, costume design, pattern making, cartwheeler, sewing, tailor, wedding dresses


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